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About Nisheba

Nisheba Parker, MS
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Florida #MT3779


I obtained my BS from Tennessee State University, in Health Sciences: Public Health.  I worked in the field for several years and while interested, I ultimately decided to move toward my passion.  I knew that in my heart of hearts, I could have a much more profound impact on the world when walking in my own truth. For this reason, I decided to pursue a Masters in Family Therapy, which I obtained from Nova Southeastern University. 


Growing up as a southern girl, family was of great importance. I had never met a mental health professional (especially not black therapist) and . Needless to say navigating mental health spaces was a foreign concept and I uncovered that there was a great deal of stigma around getting help for yourself as well as your family. This inspired me to create a space to not only navigate creating change and improving our own lives, but to heal our families as well.


All too often we feel that the hardest people to sometimes love in life are our own family members.  It takes a great deal of patience, understanding, and forgiveness to love someone who you may not agree with or just plain drives you crazy.

Problems that challenge us whether on a personal or familial level, can greatly impact our quality of life.  Learning to manage these problems, help to improve our overall well-being.  


Thoughts and Things Therapy supports the creation of strong, stable, and healthy individuals & families. In an effort to support minority families with the opportunity to thrive, I am dedicated to the support, advocacy, and promotion of mental health wellness. 

"Rewrite the best story of you ever told..."
-Nisheba Parker, LMFT - Thoughts and Things Therapy & Consulting LLC
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