Ready for something new:

So you’re driving in your car on a sunny day, listening to your favorite radio station and your song comes on.  You don't hear it because you are overwhelmed with your thoughts.  A driver cuts you off and you yell loudly in the car as if the diver can hear you.  You find yourself in an aggressive rage then the phone rings.  It’s your boss!  He says that you need to speak right away once you get to work. As you drive you notice that you have a light sweat even though the AC is on.  Although you are driving, you find yourself constantly moving, fidgeting around in your seat. A 15 second break allows you to notice that your favorite song is on and you catch the beat of the music with your thumbs which allows you a break from overthinking everything.  Your attention directs back to traffic frustrated with traffic flow while driving 85 in a 60 and it feels like you are still not diving fast enough. If you have felt any version of these symptoms in your day to day life, you may struggle with feelings of anxiety. 


It's Your Time

Anxiety and depression can be heavy burdens that can seem to completely overtake our lives and work. You already have a ton on your plate so when life gets chaotic; it feels like happiness begins slipping through your fingers. 


Facing life’s challenges head-on can be grueling, but together we can ways to overcome these adversity. Finding solutions brings a sense of satisfaction and can be really rewarding. So, it’s ok to ask for help!  Not because you are weak but because you want to remain strong.  


I am passionate about helping people rescue their lives from anxiety and depression, and get back to living their #BestLife. 


Therapeutic approach

Most mental health professionals are guided in their work by a certain type of therapeutic approach. As we are all busy professionals, my work places focus finding solutions for your present and future circumstances and goals.

I have learned to build a unique kind of relationship, one of collaboration and mutual respect between myself and my clients. For this reason, trustworthiness, respect, empathy, and honesty are fundamental components of the work we do. 

My clients enjoy my down to earth, unbiased, therapeutic approach and I work well with individuals who are motivated to be their own #LifeGoals.